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Our Mission

We’ve set out to create a range of products that’ll help women achieve a desired healthy waist line and mid section. From those love handles to kangaroo pouches, followed by bloating and uncontrollable food cravings, we’ve developed products that’ll get you back on track and your waist cinched all while living your best life. 

About Body CINCHsation

We’re all about helping women of all shapes and sizes focus on inner health and beauty all while losing weight and inches off the waist and living a healthy lifestyle. With safe, gentle, and effective products that are made for women, by women – we will have you cinched and beautiful.

Note: All our programs are designed for body cinchsation babes 18+



Fat Loss Formula is designed to increase energy, speed metabolism and burn fat health.* Learn More.

Probiotic Digestive Enzyme is designed to help breakdown carbs, fats, protein, dairy, gluten.* May also reduce gas & bloat.* Learn More.

Extra-Strength Defining Formula is designed to increase muscular definition, shed water weight, and reduce bloating.* Learn More.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Check out our blog post, to find out which products are best suited for you.


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